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Project Description
A simple batch framework allowing you to define batch jobs in a basic XML format.

A basic selection of data source and destination processors baked in, such as;

  • File (Text, CSV, XML)
  • Email
  • SQL (SQL Server Client)
  • SharePoint (Document Library)

Also supports custom data sources.


You can start a batch either from the command line using the provided console wrapper or by referencing the simple batch engine and triggering a batch directly from your application. The best way to start writing batches using Simple Batch is to use the supplied XSD that ships with the binaries. This ensures your XML is validated on the fly, XML editors such as Altova XML Spy also provide great features such as intellisense which will be helpful as all the baked-in processors (listed above) have been defined in the XSD.


Quick Intro

Figure 1.0 below depicts an example of how you might write a batch definition containing multiple jobs. Figure 1.1 shows an example of a simple job definition created to generate a basic report using a SQL query as a source, generating a CSV file and emailing the user upon success.

Figure 1.3 depicts a more interesting job definition whereby we have defined a custom data source instead of using an out of the box provider. We're also using an in memory data table as well as feeding the resulting data into multiple destinations including SharePoint document library, CSV file and a custom provider.


Figure 1.0: Defining multiple jobs in a single batch

figure 1.0






Figure 1.1: Example job definition (basic reporting - SQL to CSV)

figure 1.2





Figure 1.2: Example job definition (Custom processors - custom data source to SharePoint document library, CSV and custom destination)

figure 1.2



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